About Catherine Prevost

Catherine Prevost is a new fashion brand. Having always been known as a jewellery designer, Catherine had a successful shop on Walton street for a decade, which was the go to destination for the international jet-set. She has built a strong and loyal client base including many of the core fashion crowd.

With strong vision in mind, the ethos of Catherine Prevost is very much about timeless, chic, elegance, and glamour. Her clothes embrace a femininity that is empowering to women. With their long flowy sleeves and midi skirt length, they are right on trend for the new modern modesty. Catherine understands her clients because she shares their lifestyle. Unlike other designers, she designs jewellery, clothing and accessories year-round for the needs of her clients, focusing on developing direct consumers, she has the freedom to have constant updates in the collection and make it season-less. The collection is truly ‘buy-now, wear-now’, this method has been successful and has led her to the decision of having a retail presence.

Her collection is made locally in the UK. Both the fabric and the tailoring are all done close to London, because Catherine values English craftsmanship and sustainable fashion. She recognises the trend away from fast fashion. The production is small to create minimum waste, that is to reinforce her belief of against mass production.

Catherine was asked by Atelier Swarovski based on her favourite charity, she created Sea Life collection based on the endangered animals of the Caribbean. This collection has raised awareness about her passion preserving the wildlife of our seas, she is on the Steering committee of St. Vincent and Grenadines preservation fund. She is very committed to environmental issues.